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Brock Huffman, a retired criminal defense trial attorney from San Antonio, Texas, with the assistance of the American Birding Association-Birder’s Exchange of the United States, and Pronatura Sur, A.C., in Chiapas, Mexico, has promoted the training of bird guides in Chiapas; specifically the areas of Palenque, Yaxchilán, Bonampak, Las Guacamayas, and San Cristóbal

These local guides know and love the birds because they live with them, but now for the first time they have learned the English names of the birds. Most of these people have been nature or archeological guides, so guiding is not a new experience for them. They do know where the fruiting trees are located, what unusual birds have been sighted recently, where the good trails are located, and what birds are on our checklists.

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