Travel and Costs

  • First Guide Course at Las Guacamayas
  • Guides in the Classroom
  • Second Guide Course at Frontera Corozal
  • Teachers at Las Guacamayas
  • Third Guide Course at Palenque
Our Guides

All of our guides have graduated from a three course program which successfully instructed them on the particulars of leading English speaking birders through the unique wildlife areas of Chiapas, Mexico. As local residents, our guides are more than familiar with their territory, they know the trails, what birds can be observed, where they are most likely to be observed, where the fruiting trees and flowers are located, as well as the English names of the birds. Almost all of our guides have been employed as nature guides and are familiar with the archeological sites in their region, and they know the plants and animals. They are family people, proud of their country of Mexico, their State of Chiapas, and their immediate area, and they want to share it with you. When you tour with us, you will be given the names and a short bio of the guides who will accompany you on your adventure.

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